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Hi Suzanne
Just to let you know that my dress was delivered yesterday. I’ve checked it over and it’s perfect! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. Your service from my first email right through to my dress being returned has been impeccable. You’ve kept me updated at every stage of the process and I couldn’t have asked for a more professional service. The end result is fantastic and I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with my dress…it looks better than new! Thank you again and I’ll be sure to recommend you to my friends and family.

With kind regards


Over 30 years of excellence

Claire Stoney
I was recommended this company by a friend and so happy they did! What a great job they did cleaning my (mucky) dress following our wedding in Vegas. I cannot fault a thing and after contacting them, felt so confident leaving my special dress in their hands. They really did provide a fantastic service and my dress looks as good as new. Any brides out there….you won’t be disappointed!
Over 30 years of excellence

Maria Del Carmen
Bridal Cleaning Services is a very reliable and trusted company who I have used for many years. I am always very happy with the service they provide and it is very convenient to my business. I would definetly reccommend them to any one in need of bridal cleaning! Very Happy Customer!
Over 30 years of excellence

Vicky Tickle
As an high end Bridal boutique based in the north of Manchester, Isla Jean Bridal would recommend Bridal Cleaning Services as THE ONLY DRY CLEANERS to go to! The knowledge they have about wedding gowns and how to make them sparkle like new is second to none. We have had Gowns cleaned from designers such as Stephanie Allin, Erica Stacey, Cymbeline, Romantica and Justin Alexander and each time they are just like new. Always professional, helpful and reliable I would only ever recommend this service to any of Isla Jean Bridal’s brides, past, present and future brides…
Over 30 years of excellence

Nikki Jackson
What can we say about the team at The Village Dry Cleaners (Bridal Cleaning Services) in Chorlton? They’re simply the best in their field. We sell high-end bridal labels at our bridal boutique based in West Didsbury called The White Closet, and we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our dresses. Amir, the owner, is very knowledgable about how fabrics can and cannot be treated/cleaned – it’s also a bonus that he’s very savvy when it comes to designer labels. Overall, Amir and his team provide a professional, friendly and outstanding service, I cannot recommend The Village Dry Cleaners highly enough.
Over 30 years of excellence

I got married in July over in Italy and after a very long and hot day my wedding dress was in a bit of a mess.
On returning to Manchester I found Bridal Cleaning Services  I hadn’t realised how difficult it is and how specialist you have to be when it comes to cleaning wedding dresses.
After researching I realised Bridal Cleaning Services were the best in the field, that people travel from all over for their help and the fact they’ve been there 30 years and over the years they have many returning customers.
I dropped my dress in and met Amir and his Dad – they were polite, interesting and very knowledgable regarding the cleaning of my dress. I even learnt they clean the matching bag, veil and my shoes and box it so you can store the dress safely.
I collected all the items a week later and they were like new – the box was also beautiful.
If you’re getting married or have just got married remember this place, I’ll never use another cleaners again.
Over 30 years of excellence

Just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU to Amir and his team. I have used them two times to clean my wedding dress.
First time it was when I’ve bought my wedding dress on sale and needed to get it clean for my big day. I was a very nervous about it, as i didn’t know how my dress will looked like after the cleaning.
But Amir was very professional and explained everything in detail. Also when he finished cleaning my dress he sent me a txt to say that everything went well and the dress looks like brand new. I was so relieved and happy!!!
Second time I have used them after my wedding day. It was very dirty especially at the bottom, but then again Amir done his best to get it cleaned. It really looks like new!!!

Thank you very much for a professional and friendly service. I would highly recommend Bridal Cleaning Services to anyone who needs their wedding dress cleaning. BIG THANKS!! Alicia

Over 30 years of excellence

Amir did a fabulous job on my vintage dress. It was badly stained and it came back beautifully clean and pressed for a very reasonable price. Amir was friendly and helpful throughout and I would recommend him and his service without hesitation.
I recently decided to take my wedding dress to Bridal Cleaning Services after a search of the internet and I can honestly say this is the best decision I have ever made!! Having found the website and reading some of the reviews about other girls experiences with their wedding dresses I knew that this was the place I needed to bring my dress to stand a chance of the stains coming out, even though I live a considerable distance away!

With a heavy heart I phoned Bridal Cleaning Services and arranged an appointment to see Amir with my dress, unsure whether cleaning would even be possible with the extent of stains that were on my dress and the fact that they had sat on the dress for over a year. The corset was full of stains from fake tan both inside and out,. over the beautiful detailing on the dress and around the neckline where beading was.
Along the bottom of the skirt there were numerous stains where the skirt had been stood on and lots of mud and grass stains on the train.

Upon my arrival Amir was very professional and friendly and he explained in detail what he would try and do with my dress and the difficulties he would encounter due to the length of time the stains had remained on the dress. I left the shop feeling quite pessimistic about whether my dress could be cleaned but was certain I had left it in safe hands with Amir who would try his best to achieve the best possible results.

Only a matter of a few hours later my fears were calmed when I received a message from Amir telling me that he had worked none stop on my dress from me leaving the shop and it was like new!!! I was sooooo excited I never thought Amir could get my dress so clean and definitely not in such a short space of time. I was so relieved even though Amir had promised he would try to get my dress looking good as new I thought maybe 80-90% could be the best I could hope for.

Today I went and picked up my dress and it is absolutely perfect – as good as new without the hint of a single mark on it! And nothing to suggest that my dress has ever even been worn let alone stained and left so long.

Thank you Amir and the rest of your team for such a fantastic service and for working so hard to achieve the best results possible! My dress is magnificent – just like when it was brand new. I would highly recommend Bridal Cleaning Services to anyone needing their wedding dress cleaning!


Over 30 years of excellence

I have just picked up my (as yet unworn) wedding dress which I bought second hand to cut down on costs. The dress had a large red stain on and mud stains etc from the previous owner, and I was very worried they would not come out.

Well, what can I say? Amir and his team are AMAZING!!! The dress looks new! I am so, so happy and cannot recommend Bridal Cleaning Services highly enough, especially for the cleaning of wedding dresses, which really need specialist cleaning. The staff are friendly and Amir really knows his stuff, very informative about different materials etc.

I now cannot wait to wear my special dress and it now feels like “mine”.

Thanks again Amir!

Over 30 years of excellence

What can I say about Bridal Cleaning Services? Just excellent! Amir, who owns the business, goes above and beyond what is expected and I can wholeheartedly recommend his services.

I run a vintage inspired bridal boutique in the heart of West Didsbury. As we stock high-end dresses with sometimes challenging silks and fabrics to clean, we’re always amazed at how Amir manages to spruce up our dresses.

I recommend his services to all our brides. He’s truly excellent at what he does and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fabric!

Nikki Graeme
The White Closet Owner

Over 30 years of excellence

After a long hard search for a good wedding dress dry cleaners Bridal Cleaning Services was recommended to me by fairytale brides, the shop where I bought my wedding dress.

The problem was that my Ian Stuart Florentina wedding dress needed some detailing removed prior to dry cleaning and no dry cleaners were prepared to take on the work as well as the cleaning.

Bridal Cleaning Services came to my rescue. Now when I say my dress was filthy, I mean it was filthy. The hem of the dress was covered in all sorts of dirt. The photographer had me photographed in many different locations after our wedding – the most unusual being an abandoned beach so you can imagine the amount of staining the dress had on it. I even managed to get a few drops of blood on my dress after my auntie cut her finger following an accident during the throwing of the bouquet.

Amir, who was brilliant by the way, explained the process thoroughly to us when we dropped the dress off and was careful not to get my hopes up too much by saying he would try his best but he wasn’t sure of getting all the stains out. He needn’t have worried, he managed to get every single stain out of the dress… even the blood spots and I would confidently say, the dress is as good as new.

He even went to the extra effort of getting me non standard ribbon for my storage box. I wanted Cadburys purple coloured ribbon to match my wedding theme but the box company did not supply it. Amir told us he would arrange it for us and he came up with the goods again.

Best in the business!

Thank You Amir

Over 30 years of excellence

COMMENT ADDED 07/01/11 – I want to add that I’ve just had several high-end designer vintage garments cleaned by Amir at Bridal Cleaning Services (January 2011). He has done the most incredible job. I am so delighted. All I can say is that he can work miracles PROVIDING you have realistic expectations.

Amir takes a great deal of time explaining (beforehand) what he can and can’t do. It all depends on the quality of the fabric in the first place. If your garment is made from high-quality fabric and has been treated well, there should be no problems. If however, you have tried washing a garment yourself and experienced problems, you shouldn’t expect Bridal Cleaning Services to resolve your mistake.

It’s important to store clothing properly and hang it on the correct type of hanger. If you’ve worn something and it’s stained, get it cleaned as soon as possible. Marks left on clothing just won’t come out no matter what you do. Just be realistic and listen to what advice Amir gives. He knows what he’s talking about.

Thank you again for the wonderful service. I recommend Bridal Cleaning Services to everyone.

Over 30 years of excellence

Thank you Amir! My dress looks like new again and has been beautifully preserved in a lovely box.

I’m so pleased with not only how well my dress has been cleaned, but also the level of service at the Bridal Cleaning Services. Amir and team really understood how important my wedding dress is to me and took the time to explain how it would be cleaned. I was particularly upset about some sticky tar-like stains that covered my dress (having previously got my dress “cleaned” by a bridal dress shop, I was told that there was nothing that could be done to remove the stains and my dress was ruined). Amir could see how upset I was and went to the effort of removing some of the tar while I was in the shop. I left knowing that my dress could be saved and was in safe hands. A few days later I picked up my dress and Amir carefully packed it away in a beautiful box especially made for preserving wedding dresses.

I stumbled across Bridal Cleaning Services from an internet search, and I’m so glad I found it! Thank you so much! I highly recommend Bridal Cleaning Services to others. I really can’t praise them enough!

Over 30 years of excellence

Just wanted to say how impressed we are with Amir and everyone at Bridal Cleaning Services every time we use them.

We first visited to get a 10 year old wedding dress which belonged to my (now) wife’s aunt cleaned before our wedding. We were very anxious that the dress would be in good hands and well cared for. Amir talked us through every aspect of the process and his experience shined through. When we picked it up prior to the wedding, the dress looked brand-new. An incredible job really breathed life into the dress and really meant a lot to my wife.

After the wedding, we had the dress re-cleaned and again, the results were fantastic – and the dress was beautifully packed and presented in a decorative box, ready to be returned to our relative.

We have since used Bridal Cleaning Services for many other items and the service has always been the same – quick, reliable, friendly and good value. As a previous reviewer mentioned, your mind is instantly put at ease when you see the clean and contemporary decor, which imparts a professional attitude.

I don’t normally leave reviews, but I really think such a quality and approachable local business deserves a bit of praise.

Over 30 years of excellence

I was very worried about handing my wedding dress over to a dry cleaners incase anything went wrong and it was damaged. Thankfully I found Bridal Cleaning Services! From taking my dress in and meeting Amir it was clear he knew exactly how to care for bridal gowns and the results that could be achieved.

Within less than a week it was returned to me and WOW the results were amazing. My dress looked as if it had never been worn, all traces of dirt had been removed even from the intricate lace overlay.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other ladies looking to have their dresses professionally cleaned.

Over 30 years of excellence

Got married in Rhodes a few weeks ago and had to get my wedding dress cleaned for the reception party a week later. The Bridal Cleaning Services was recommended to me by Nancy Jane Bridal (also fabulous!!) and I was so glad I listened. The service was incredible, fast, efficient, friendly and great value for money.

Will not hesitate to recommend to anyone and will definately be back!

38 Manchester Road Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester M21 9PH Telephone: 0161 222 7681 Email: info@bridalcleaningservices.com